Contend Earnestly for The Faith,

Sermon and Lecture Series


Available Audio Sermon’s and Lecture series

By Dr. Phil Fernandes

  Cumulative Case for God- on CD


   Historical  Jesus- on CD


   The Parable of the Sower  4 part series- on CD or DVD


   Ezekial  4 part Series - on CD/DVD


   4 Part Series on Islam; The History of Islam, Islamic Beliefs and Practice’s, A Christian’s response to      Islam, and Problems with the Koran.  -CD/DVD

(DVD available soon)


   Depraved New World; The Impact of Darwinian Evolution on Society.  2 part series -CD/DVD


   Basic Christian Beliefs 12 part series-CD


   The Cults; a 12 part series-CD


   Christology; a 12 part series-CD


   Christian Beliefs( The Trinity, Salvation, The Bible,  Creation, The Deity of Christ,  and The Virgin Birth-     CD

   Characteristics of a Healthy Church 5 part series- CD   


   Ethics-14 part series on CD


   Hermeneutics- 8 part series on CD


   Sermon on the Mount- 16 part series on CD


    Eschatology- 12 part series on CD


   For information on any of these Lectures's and Sermon's please E-mail us at 


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